Called "Progress" market and ways that mark a clear path to consumerism, mind show "Realidad fantaseada" which leads one to believe that more fun, relate better, achieve success and even happiness, a person should consume certain products; thus proposing a model of "magic bullets";oprima a Tecla… for quick results, beba alcohol… and dare to relate to people, take a chill pill… and continue charging.

Thus a long list of imaginary reality is printed, the mass media and interested in selling their products, we teach without the choose or we realize. Leaving aside while, healthy alternatives and "remedies", held by each person to achieve such ends

When personal resources starting to be replaced by other (External), becomes lost control itself and the conviction that without "that" we can not meet our needs (dependence), which together with other factors (personal, social, relatives and even by some, biological), are basic components addictive disorders.

Silence, fear, and guilt in these cases are not the best advisers. Therefore it is desirable to talk to someone you trust about what concerns us. And if necessary, consult a qualified professional, to detect the problem early and to act on it. If so it becomes imperative to have the patient's will, their desire for change and commitment to treatment. While the support of family and friends as a group containment.


Lic. Karina In. Piscitello

MP.: 6020

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