Knowing the body, page Know how to navigate, recipe as grouped, as jumping, how to make different types of force, how to sit to watch TV, are some aspects to consider in daily postural correction to improve the quality of life for present and future.

The body awareness helps you feel better about themselves, to unfold in space and to have proper care essential to good health.

What is the Sensorial Perception?

It is the technique of conscious bodywork, with the intention of registering with increasing clarity the various stimuli, sensations and perceptions. While, learning is based on body / motor to generate various qualities of movement, communication, images and metaphors of movement.

What is your goal?

The sensopercepción aims to developing the capacity of observation and recording of stimuli, and the emergence of distinct images, detailed and accurate of the body and its relationship with the environment.

The way of Sensorial Perception enables a process of sensitization, reunion and recovery of the body and their subsequent creative feedback. The sensory perception plays a double role: collects and evokes the reality in an ever more detailed, clear and distinct, and also stimulates the association and production of images that give rise to the creative imagination of the subject.

The road building is constructed on two types of representations: reproductive internalized image, as closely as possible, what happened or lived; and productive image, Based on previous, produce new images, new ways of seeing the world.


How does the practice?

We propose a workshop that used as a tool of perception, seeking a meeting with himself, perform this process through the following topics:

  • The senses: exteroceptive and proprioceptive.
  • Supports: external and internal, hard and soft, passive and active, in various positions, support, both statically and in motion.
  • The skeleton: bones and joints.
  • Skin: envelope, limit, communication.
  • Touch: limit, boundary, temperature, periphery, feelings.
  • Contact: space around the body, energy that the body continues.
  • Muscle tone: eutónica regulation in passivity and moving.
  • Stretching.
  • Volume: three-dimensional perception of the body.
  • Weight: perception and transfers weight to support, gravity.
  • The position.
  • Breathing.

Sensorial Perception Benefits

We believe that carrying out the proposal and systematically organized, guests will be greatly benefited in:

  • Joint mobility and improvement.
  • Knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of each muscle.
  • Strengthening and toning the muscles in general.
  • In the generation of breathing habits, and good structural position that are transferable to everyday activities and specific.

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