How to take off those extra kilos after the holidays?

How to take off those extra kilos after the holidays?

It was December, month of celebrations, goodbyes, toast, excess food and suddenly went up to the balance are those extra pounds. How do now?


First remember; when you have festivities, meals away from home and meet friends, just eat it, no ban but without excess, in moderation, enjoying every bite. When we enjoy what we eat, using all respects, satiation signal (feeling of being full at the time) reaches the brain, registering it and stop eating, so it is important to eat slowly chewing every bite. Your diet should be complete and balanced so it's important to have a varied diet, without removing any nutrients. We must eat protein, carbohydrates and fats (essential oils from) daily and each has a specific function in the body.

January is a month of extreme heat, ideal for increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, vitamins food source, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and water which facilitates detoxification of our organism. Starting the day with a good breakfast to power load us, including fruits, a milk-fat and high-fiber carbohydrate (whole grain breads or bran, with seeds, etc.), also fruit smoothies with water or skim milk is a good choice for a fresh and nutritious snack.

For lunch choose vegetables (colors vary), animal protein (vacuna lean meat, fish, poultry) and complex carbohydrates (as rice, quinoa, ½ potato or 1 slice of sweet potato) or legumes. At dinner again choose vegetables and accompany them with a protein or carbohydrate. Season salad with herbs that please you, lemon and 1 tablespoon oil (if olive or canola better because it contains essential oils).

Always remember, if you record what you eat and respect no excess portion and if you accompany it with exercise "those extra pounds" gradually will disappear.

Lic. Maria Soledad Del Boca
M.P 1998
La Posada del Qenti

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