pel term "itelangiectasia / i" means ectasia of the vessels of the vascular bed shaped end of a capillary dilation or an arteriole, ambulance are red or blue and often protrude into the skin surface. /p plasma telangiectasias or "spider veins" because of its similarity, are permanent dilatation and pathological venous plexus subpapilares. They are visible to the naked eye because they are located immediately below the epidermis, which is an aesthetic problem and represent one of the pathologies that are seen most often in consultation with phlebologists. br / The telangiectasias are divided according to their clinical appearance 4 type: simple o lineal, wooded, a spider or star and popular punctate or. br / There are two common patterns of telangiectasias on the legs of women, addition to the color of the veins: br /- parallel linear pattern, displayed on the inner thigh, br /- wooded pattern or "cogwheel", observed more frequently in the lateral thigh. br / Its frequency in female dominated, while its causes are related to hereditary factors, with a high influence of hormonal changes (pregnancies, puberty, menopause, thyroid disorders, etc.) both in its onset and exacerbation of their evolution; we must remember that contraception synthesis and presentation promote the development of this pathology. / p pExiste a type of telangiectasia secondary to other diseases, the manner in which post-traumatic bruising, quirúrgicos the post-post-sclerosis. br / There are now different treatment methods, sclerosis but may be, the microfoam microesclerosis with laser photocoagulation and the two most common. Sclerotherapy is the best known and treatment is to inject a solution into the veins causes them to fibrosen and disappear from the skin surface. This vein may have the need to be treated more than once. Possible side effects of this method are pain and spots on the skin. Currently the microfoam replaces conventional sclerosis giving greater safety and effectiveness because the microfoam is a new pharmaceutical form obtained from a soft sclerosing action undergoes incrementote microbubbles to be deposited on, which is made easy with physiological gases metabolization, by this method significantly reduces the side effects / p pMicrofoam has the following advantages over a conventional sclerosing:/p ul liFácil handling and control of the action: instead of mixing with blood, the move and takes up the whole interior of the vessel injected, so that it is a manageable sclerosing, that can produce predictable results. /li liEscasa or no toxicity: The presence of microbubbles causes the contact surface between the sclerosing and vessel walls is greater, achieving a homogeneous dose and better results. Also, the necessary amount is always much less than with the sclerosing liquid. So, to lower concentration with microfoam, produces an equal or greater than with conventional liquid sclerotherapy or other sclerosing. /liProcedimiento li painless and easily repeatable: The discomfort is similar to a blood, varices and their application does not require general anesthesia and can be repeated as necessary without limiting the number of sessions. /li / ul pTodo this makes the method microfoam is the treatment of choice for spider veins of the legs. / p pDra. Elorza Mariana MP: 28777/5/p pFlebología, Medical Qenti. / P

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