Diabetes is one of the diseases which has increased most in recent years. This is possibly due to the increase in other risk factors such as obesity, price sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.
Therefore careful periodic monitoring is vital to detect and prevent complicaciones.Hay time diagnostic and therapeutic advances for patients with this disease, this web can make an active and healthy life. As always prevention is the most effective way to achieve.

Medical Qenti performed by specialists and with input from Roche Laboratory, ampoule a number of 4 workshops which provide information, recommendations and establish a dynamic dialogue to make queries presented to patients and their families .

8 May: diabetes “today”, pathophysiology and treatments currently. Pull. Cecilia Carrizo (endocrinologist).

15 May: Feeding in diabetes. Pull. Andrea Piñero (Medical Nutritionist)
Prevention of cardiovascular complications in diabetes. Pull. Alicia Ciapponi (a cardiologist)

22 May: Physical activity in diabetes. Lic Lucas Treasury (lic. in physical culture)
Diabetic foot. Lic Ana Maria Morales (podóloga)

29 May: cooking workshop, from theory to practice

These activities will take place in the Qenti Médical, Sarmiento and Alsina in Carlos Paz, of 10 a 12 hs.
Please confirm attendance, limited capacity
TO: 03541 486500

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