El Tai Chi Chuan (WHEN TAI JI) with over 3000 year history is known for its great value to strengthen the body and spirit.
El Tai Chi, see through the practice of centuries has shown that this discipline has great importance in the prevention and cure of various diseases, advice such as stress, visit Ulceras, Colon irritable, Lung conditions, Cardiac Conditions, Jaquecas, etc.. Besides contributing Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit.
Tai Chi is characterized by smooth movements, slow and fluid like “a cloud moved, or is water of a river”.
It resembles a spear with an emphasis on mental concentration and breathing that will do the CHI or vital energy flow, helping the circulatory system and allowing practice who achieve a state of tranquility and balance, vigorizándose with energy and healing those ailments own modernity of the times.
Regular practice of this discipline, can improve the functions of the Central Nervous System, strengthens the functions of the Cardiovascular System, regularizes the digestive system and internal organs and potentiates sexuality, would enhance the flexibility of joints.
Within the disciplines of Tai Chi has five Schools (Lines) YANG these being the line (the mas popular), WU Online, CHEN la Linea, HAN line and line ZUNG.
Tai Chi is the most recognized Tai Chi Chuan style Chen, the birthplace of Chen Village School is Xiaco Ho Nang Province.
General Qin Cheng Mang of the 9th generation Chen who lived during the late Ming Dynasty and early Qin Dynasty, old when he retired to his native land to cultivate the art of Tai Chi Chen for his disciples, children and grandchildren.
Out by Chen Qin Sang the 14th generation of the Chen style was propagated since dedicated himself to teach Tai Chi Chuan to other people from other families.
The Tai Chi Chuan Chen style is characterized by the harmonious combination of firmness and flexibility, alternative option attack and defense positions and the ratio of fast and slow movements, every move seems to be soft as cotton but hard as iron actually.
It is said that in the exercise of Tai Chi Chen energy and blood circulate without difficulty throughout the body and body parts like the shoulder, Chest, back, elbow and hip, can produce a large enough force.
All movements of Tai Chi Chuan Chen, They are practical and simple from the moment they were created.
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Teaching Methods and Traditional Discipline China

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