In order to provide more services, salve Medical Qenti offers a team of top professionals, formed by two psychologists, dosage a psychiatrist and a clinician, for the treatment of addictions.

Likewise, the interdisciplinary work of this problem, be done individually or in groups, as the case. The treatments will focus on addictions such as: drugs, cigarette, alcohol, game, psychotropic, technology, meals, inter.

Both en Qenti Medical, and in The inn may make inquiries about this type of addictive behavior.

Guidance and specific treatment for people with problems associated with compulsive gambling, the use or abuse of alcohol, psychotropic drugs or other drugs or other addictive behaviors (internet, work, shopping).

With an alternative approach that aims to:


  • Emotional and cognitive skills.
  • Healthy behaviors.


  • -Risk Factors.


  • Addictive behavior and / acquired or harmful.
  • Future consequences and / or damage.

Family training (coaching) to review and optimize communication , management standards and setting of limits for healthy living, conflict resolution, free time management, and change behaviors that do not give the expected results and cause us frustration.

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