Last Wednesday 30 September, to 19 hs. He held a briefing organized by the group Qenti, Revitalizing therapeutics Switzerland, one of the most effective ways to delay symptoms of aging.

It was given by Dr. Christian Leiva, who is specialized in Revitalization Switzerland, exclusively for La Posada del Qenti. The said event was held in the auditorium CMVL, where topics were mainly the complexity of life today, we subjected to a high degree of stress, wear and little time to enjoy the rest, that weakens our body causing physiological devitalization where the negative action of the various "risk factors" and unfavorable habits accelerate the process lowering our defenses and predisposing to disease.

The Doctor Lewis emphasized the benefits of the Swiss Revitalization, which helps to reverse the situation in question before, starting a treatment based on input from hydrolysates or peptones that act as cellular nutrients delaying aging symptoms, preventing diseases in healthy organs and improving cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, problems of hypothyroidism, and osteoporosis among other.

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