Take your health to the maximum level possible

La Posada del Qenti was the 1st Resort Spa & Approved Revitalization Medical Center in Argentina, today the only country Medical Wellness Center, Highlights of Provincial Tourist Interest and recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

Our health plans are carried out by a team of clinicians, obesologos, Nutritionists, physiotherapists, deportólogos, psychologists, physical trainers and beauticians who combine physical activity and adapted individually, personalized food, practices aesthetics, relaxation and medical supervision throughout treatment, enhancing the results of the short, medium and long term.

Above 90 people who work together on super individualized care of each guest, often exceeding ratio 3 people in treatment per guest.

Health plans La Posada del Qenti were designed to achieve immediate results and that they endure over time after treatment. Always under a stay of enjoyment and pleasure, why we say that La Posada del Qenti is a place where health care, It is pleasant.

La Posada del Qenti pioneered the design Potential Index Health® through which scientifically measures the improvement in the health of each person performed after treatment.

Our eating and physical activity plans are perfectly adaptable to the daily life of each person, so that treatment outcome transcend stay.

The experience at La Posada del Qenti is the starting point for a new way of life, healthier, healthier, happier.

Scientifically we found, using the Potential Index Health®, the following results
  • Guests improve their health, in some cases with greater improvement to 50% 100%
  • Improving sleep quality 90%
  • Regulates blood pressure or improvement 75%
  • Carbon monoxide less blood 80%
  • Improvement in circulation 50%
  • Improves digestion 60%
  • Decreases waist circumference 70%
  • Lowering lipid levels in blood after 3 weeks 23%
  • Acquires new knowledge about eating behavior 80%
  • Improves your blood sugar levels 100%
  • Decreased levels of fasting insulin 26%
  • Effectiveness of treatment 89%
  • Drop in blood pressure 5 days 10%



Ask for availability for stays 4, 7, 10 or more days to enjoy all these benefits.