Reflexology is a science in the hands of hand massage that allows direct contact with the other person and enables immediate energy flow, side effects as opposed to the foot reflexology, abortion can be performed anytime, anywhere. Reflexology is a branch of Acupressure, prostate openness to seeking the essence of each being and explores the relationship between the reflexes of the hands and feet with any body, gland or body part which is situated within the limits of a particular area, and harmonizing the working point, and releasing blockages because positive energy flowing seeking harmony and balance. Chinese medicine has long known that different organs can be worked directly or from other body areas, this is how reflexology. The reflexes of the hands is a complex system of influences and work areas. You've all heard about techniques of Acupuncture and Acupressure, the difference between them is as follows: done with acupuncture needles, Acupressure doing the finger pressure, but both are working meridians. These meridians are areas or channels of energy running through the body longitudinally from head to toe, These divisions provide a guide and then perform a massage on reflex points more accurately so that each channel corresponds to each of the fingers of the hand and foot. Also each finger is a channel or meridian that runs through the body longitudinally. Benefits of reflexology on hands. Both hands and feet are reflected in all organs. But the hand is more exposed and accustomed to giving and receiving, for this reason is a more apt to exercise the power flow. This technique helps each of us to open its own channel of Self-Healing, be useful to prevent disease or simply to improve our quality of life. It is suggested to accompany any medical treatment because if the specialist has given the patient some medication, it can fulfill its role more effectively by being relaxed and harmonized the body through massage. You dream more often by flowing positive energy, opens the channels of self-healing, helps her out of anesthesia without complications, activates the immune system, combat stress, contractures and tiredness. Also, reduces constipation or indigestion, relieves pains of all kinds, improves mood, fighting anxiety or depression, help for respiratory problems and menstrual irregularities, preventing panic attacks, decreases the chances of colds, among many other things… For all these reasons and many more say that reflexology improves our quality of life. Source:

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