Recreation and Activities

Health Talks

Daily health talks are given by our doctors and specialists. The same deal with topics focusing on prevention and inclusion of new healthy habits in our daily life, treat with the aim of providing practical tools to sustain and improve the results obtained by our guests, order during their stay at the Inn.

Walking Tours

This service offers the guest at the possibility of guided walks group, purchase graduating on time, adjusting rate and speed according to the group.


We have a tennis court available hard surface, the same can be used as many times as you wish guests. Also can hire entry-level custom classes, introductory, improvement or practice plays.

Activity Pool

With the ability to relate to the aquatic environment, the area of ​​physical education classes acuagym proposed, relaxation seciones physical reconditioning, with a clear objective, psychophysical wellbeing, improving the health and fitness of the participants involved. The classes are ideal pool to return to physical activity as the aquatic environment prevents joint impact produced by the weight and significantly reduces the risk of muscle injury articular.

The objective of this activity is to work theoretically, overall muscle tone, increased flexibility, spreading the mind, stretching the muscles relax and generally, part of a new proposal in a particular medium.

Streching (relaxation)

The stretching is a technique of gentle stretching to gain flexibility that cualkquier person can perform,trained in this, ages even one where you work modaliad seeking to maintain flexibility to intensidadesw submaxillary joint amplitudes through elongation of some muscles and strength of other:virtues;rejuvenating and beautifying naturally soothing and invigorating

Evening Recreations

After dinner, recreations we group among which we can find tango and salsa classes, magic show, Creole marriage, bingo, karaoke, movie nights, inter. They are conducted in order to promote friendship and fellowship among our guests, in an environment of fun.

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