Physical activity, whether or unstructured, has become a very important aspect of life. Millions of people worldwide exercise regularly to improve their health and millions more participate in organized sports, but the hot and humid climate, represents a challenge to the body's ability to perform physical activities.

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During physical activity, muscles generate large amounts of heat that must be dissipated to the environment. Otherwise, occur an increase in core body temperature.

Sweating is a physiological response that attempts to limit the rise in core temperature, putting water on the skin for evaporation. However, if fluid loss is not compensated by fluid intake, there will be a deterioration in the temperature regulation, the yield and possibly the health. Challenge, therefore, is double: dissipate excess heat to the environment effectively and avoid reaching a state of hypo hydration.

Tips for training at high temperatures:

Hydration: Do not rely on the SED

One of the major mistakes that we have to hydrate during exercise, is that we rely on thirst. Thirst is a stimulus that occurs in a late, because when we feel thirsty, We are already dehydrated! So, is important that we begin to hydrate since we start exercising but do not feel thirsty, and otherwise, begin to consume liquid when we already have a large deficit and will be very difficult to recover.

On the other hand, thirst can be turned off long before we have recovered all the lost fluid; especially when used drinks that are low in sodium and water - thirst decreases having a dilution of sodium in the blood. Also, as soon as the first sip of a drink moistened our mouths, nerves in the mouth send signals to the brain to reduce our sense of thirst.

Importance of flavor and electrolytes:

One of the aspects that influence fluid intake during exercise is the type of beverage. In many investigations it has been observed that if the beverage taste, people voluntarily consume more fluid during exercise than when consuming water only; if in addition to a pleasant taste, the beverage contains electrolytes (as sodium) will further stimulate fluid intake. Therefore, looking for appropriate drinks to improve your hydration and if you decide to consume only water, remember that this thirst drink goes faster.

Tips to Consider

  • Wear loose, light, light colored to allow free flow of air over the skin; Sweat absorbent fabrics also to keep the surface of dry skin.
  • Never exercise clothes or plastic accessories, that does not help to reduce body fat, but it does make the exercise more difficult and increases the problems associated with thermoregulation.
  • Try to take your workout fluid bottle and place it in an accessible place so you can easily drink.
  • Frequently drink small amounts (each 15 a 20 minutes) to minimize stomach upset.
  • Last, consider completely avoid physical activity when conditions are unusually hot or humid. You can also exercise during the coolest hours of the day.

Dr. Christian Leiva

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Medical Center Director

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