A sensitive skin when it reacts to certain stimuli (both external and internal). The most frequent signs: redness, salve tension, itch, warmth, inter.

There are different degrees of skin sensitivity:

Sensitive Skin: The skin becomes red, strip, pica. These symptoms are so that your skin is to express their natural sensitivity. The times are born with this sensitivity (clear skin, Redheads skins, dry and thin, atopic, with a history of eczema in childhood).

Intolerant skin: The pile is irritated at the slightest aggression, peels and burns. May appear reddened areas permanently. This is the way your skin is to say no more tolerated. Attacks like too much sun, waves of cold, strippers hygiene products, aggressive cosmetics, usually tolerated by normal skin, become unbearable for this skin type.

Allergic and hypersensitive skin: in some instances may react hypersensitive skin becoming allergic to products hitherto well bore. A perfume, a preservative, or a simple filter of a cosmetic product can cause severe allergic reactions: itch, redness, rash, eczema, contact urticaria. This is the way that the skin has to express their hypersensitivity.


Considerations sensitive skin care

If your skin has any of these features, see your dermatologist to see what kind of sensitivity is your skin so you can choose the most suitable treatment.

Some gestures are essential for skin care and maintain daily intolerant comfort:

  • Clean the skin gently, using products which respect the physiological balance of the skin.
  • Use special products for sensitive skin.
  • A soothing and calming tonic, as a first step to refresh skin in the morning and complete the cleanup.
  • Use spring water rich in selenium, to set makeup, as a finishing touch, with a light spray 25 cm rostro.
  • Always use sun protection count, whatever the season, choose a day care that incorporates a sunscreen. It allows you to mitigate the adverse effects of the sun, accelerator of skin aging.

For more information, the dudes to consult to your dermatologist.

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