Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which they become brittle and break more easily.

Changing habits no fractures

Physical Activity:

Physical exercise, discount appropriate to the age and characteristics of each person, sales practiced regularly, find es muy importante para mantener los huesos sanos. No debemos olvidar que …Los huesos, if they are used in, lost.

Exercises are recommended as: walk, up and down stairs, dance, swimming. However, contraindicated exercises including pushups, jumps or sudden movements.


El calcio es fundamental. En la dieta habitual, Milk and dairy products(cheese, yogurt,ice,…) and some nuts (almonds and hazelnuts), vegetable, fish and fresh fruits are the best sources of calcium. The recommended calcium intake during menopause is 1200 a 1500 mg. per day.

Comparison Table of calcium intake

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Vitamin “D”

La vitamina D facilita la absorción de calcio en el intestino. Se encuentra en pescados grasos, fish oils and egg yolk; but its main source is sun exposure.

In Practice

The fact is that foods rich in calcium are consumed in a daily diet deficient in. When the normal diet does not provide enough calcium, supplements must be used. In this case your doctor who may be able to guide you on the best type of calcium supplement most suitable for you. As the dose, mode of administration and treatment time.

Example Contribution Calcium Diets

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Besides regarding diet and exercise just discussed, there are different aspects of life that must be modified to prevent osteoporosis, such as quitting smoking or drinking alcohol excessively, and monitor the positions that are taken both at rest and during exercise.

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