A physical activity can be considered as an effort that requires the agency to respond effectively and, drugs it organizes all your systems, generating a general level adaptation. The continuation of this process leads to the regulation and balance of body functions.
FEATURES sedentary.

· Movilidad articular, muscle stretching and strength levels reduced by lack of use.
· Inadecuada relación entre masa grasa y masa muscular por exceso de ingesta y reducido gasto calórico.
· Baja capacidad aeróbica.
· Poca tolerancia al esfuerzo.
· Altos niveles de factores de riesgo.
· Contracturas, cramps, general aches.
· Sensación de cansancio general por los altos niveles de stress a los que se somete a todo el organismo durante periodos prolongados.

· Regula los sistemas que controlan la tensión arterial, heart rate, blood glucose levels, the nervous system, hormonal status, caloric expenditure, cholesterol, etc..
· Mejora el transporte a nivel celular del combustible y el oxigeno necesario para cumplir con las funciones vitales mínimas.
· Ayuda a mantener el tono muscular y la flexibilidad necesarias para una vida sana e independiente.
· Mejora los sistemas de absorción sustancias y consumo de calorías.
· Entrena al sistema cardio-vascular para responder eficazmente al esfuerzo.
· Mantiene la funcionalidad de las articulaciones, tendons, ligaments, etc..
· Mejora la calidad de vida.


Aerobic Training: We suggest performing aerobic physical activity especially low impact and low to medium intensity, considering the self-paced (training pulse), of 4 a 6 times per week, in a space of not less than one hour per day. Suggest in what we call aerobic work, alternatives: walks, swimming, treadmill, stationary bike, easy jog (if your physical condition permits) dance, such as package tours: tape 25 min. + bike 20 min. 10 de elongación.

Pulse Training: Pulse helps us determine the intensity of the work we are doing. Within health parameters and to have no cardiac risk, maximum heart rate for each is calculated by subtracting 220 age.
220 – edad = máximo de pulsaciones (100% Maximum Heart Rate).
Aerobic work determines the working 70% pulse max.
Considering your age: 30 años la formula se aplica así:

220 - 30 = 190 FCM

100%—– 190
70%——- 133

Attention: ésta fórmula no es válida para aquellas personas que toman medicamentos que alteren o influyen en la frecuencia cardiaca (T4, blockers).

To make a good aerobic work capacity according to your heart, debería realizar una actividad continua durante 50 min. at least with a heart rate of 130 a 150 pulsations.
Example: 50 min. continuous walking, combinations 25 min. Tape + 25 min. bicycle, swimming etc.. uninterrupted and always respecting the training pulse indicated.
The time taken to retrieve the frequency Normal Heart (60 a100) after making an effort, helps determine if physical activity is being done according to your workout. Among the 3 and 6 min. Activity after, el pulso debe alcanzar los valores normales.
A heart that fast heart rate returns to normal heart is a trained.

Muscle Toning: is important to supplement aerobic activity routines with different lower body muscle groups, upper body, and mainly in the area average (posturales) looking for the muscles supporting the spine are strong enough to maintain upright posture.

Metodología para realizar los ejercicios de tonificación muscular

· La ejecución del ejercicio debe ser lenta.
· Muchas repeticiones.
· Poco peso.
· Exhalar siempre que hago el esfuerzo.
· Ángulos cortos.
· Breve descanso entre serie y serie ( 15 a 30 the. approx.)
· Es muy importante ejecutar la técnica correcta para cada ejercicio.
· Para la realización de este tipo de ejercicios recomendamos la supervisión de un profesional porque no realizar la técnica correcta puede causar mas daños que beneficios.
Work Flexibility: which seeks to improve muscle stretching and joint mobility through stretching and mobilization of the different body segments.

Elongación Muscular: This type of exercise can be used as the warm-up to start the activity or to return to the quiet at the end of the same.
It consists of stretching exercises (stretching) oxigenándolo blood flow through, allowing relaxation (natural state) We also help to mobilize the waste substances that accumulate in producing symptoms of muscle fatigue, pains etc.

· Estirar no menos de 20 the. each muscle group and repeat the action of 2 a 3 times.
· No realizar rebotes.
· No se debe sentir dolor, sino una placentera sensación de estiramiento muscular.

The physical and recreational activity not only act as prevention and balance, should also be considered a form of high therapeutic value.
There is always a way and time to do, There just unintentionally and maintain continuity until the habit is strengthened