We can define it as "an intense fatigue and continual; which is not relieved by rest and is not directly caused by other diseases ". The exact causes of CFS are unknown, but theories suggest a viral cause (more specifically the Epstein-Barr virus or human herpes virus 6); or an autoimmune inflammation of the nervous system. However it could not yet be determined, and therefore not discarded also influenced by factors such as stress, Genetic or environmental causes. This syndrome occurs most often in women 30 a 50 years old, but it can affect other sectors of the population. It is a disease that is little known and little understood.

What are your symptoms?

As its name implies, deep and persistent fatigue is the main symptom. And then frequently exaggerates the physical or mental exercise. It could also include other features such as headaches or muscle aches, lack of concentration and memory, irritability or joint pain. Extreme tiredness usually have the following characteristics at the beginning of the pathology, What is it:

  • Lasts at least 6 months
  • It is not relieved by rest or prolonged sleep
  • Severe enough to prevent some activities of daily living
  • Standing Worsens.

Exams and Tests

Basically controls in this syndrome are based on other possible causes of fatigue, such as anemias, hypothyroidism, farmacodependencias, neurological diseases (as multiple sclerosis), depression and psychiatric diseases and other cardiac pathological conditions, liver or kidney.

After ruling out other causes, we focus on the same symptoms of fatigue.


CFS currently has no cure. So the treatment is based on relieving symptoms. Each patient is usually addressed in a very particular, and as first steps it comes to improving and maintaining quality of life, including healthy eating and exerted gradually and to its posibilidades.Además cognitive behavioral therapies include, sleep management techniques and pharmacological treatments to reduce pain, anxiolytic and / or antidepressant.

The patient is advised to lead an active social life, but avoiding physical activity exaggerate, control balance between activity and rest sleep; and a balanced distribution of occupations weekly. It has also seen good results in some patients biofeedback techniques, hypnosis, meditation or Yoga

final suggestions

Since the causes, prospects and forecasts of this disease are still unclear, it is suggested not self-medicate with multivitamins and perform medical consultation as soon as possible before any of these symptoms, for early detection of activity.

Currently investigating whether it could also be a way of SFC "atypical", and the existence of more specific markers to achieve earlier diagnosis and more effective. Therefore it is a condition that is in the middle stage of research.

At Posada del Qenti we have a multidisciplinary team that can help in detecting both SFC, as well as the other possible pathologies; always with the intention of improving the health of our patients.

Dr. Christian Leiva

MP 31209

Medical Director of La Posada del Qenti