Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese gymnastics training in charge of our energy in order to improve the health and quality of life, seek as well as prevent disease. Chi means energy, y Kung, training, study, development, work ...
This ancient oriental art, stretching based, breathing, meditation exercises and self massage, may have a therapeutic orientation, spiritual, martial, depending on the types of exercises that are performed. Why practice Chi Kung?
La práctica de Chi Kung le permite recuperar, preserve and balance your own life energy, because over the years suffers wear that lead to aging of the body and the appearance of various health problems.
What are the exercises prectican?
There are many styles of Chi Kung, but the cornerstone in these practices is the work of relaxation, appropriate positions, respiration, the flow of energy through the channels of chi, also called meridians, which are distributed over the entire surface of the body and in turn are connected to internal organs.
Through an exchange with nature and implementation of appropriate practices, a renewal of the vital energy is achieved. For this there are exercises stillness and movement, or movement sequences, such as: the series of strengthening tendons or eight pieces bracado. Also, forms of Tai Chi Chuan, are also Chi Kung exercises, which is the most widespread in the West.
Who can practice?
It can be practiced by people of different ages, adjusting exercises his chances. No contraindications or adverse effects if practiced properly and under the supervision of a person experienced in the practice. Learned the principles and basic techniques, Qigong can be practiced without any problems, suggesting the exercises regularly.
What health problems can be addressed?
From the exercise of Chi Kung, can be addressed various health problems, such as insomnia, Chronic fatigue, prostate in men and gynecological disorders in women, high and low pressure, digestive problems, Overweight and even cancer problems, inter alia. Also, is a preventive practice of diseases and delay aging.

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