The healthy living plan Qentistar provides an experience unique health, in which optimizes the physical, mental and emotional, thus achieving a "lasting youth". It is the best combination to solve problems of nutrition, stress and aesthetics, as part of an experience of pleasure surrounded by mountains, streams of clear water and clean air.

Advantages of proactive medicine

This plan offers group and individual activities designed to achieve an overall improvement in their health, trying not only symptoms, but the causes of their conditions within what we call proactive medicine.

Benefits of this healthy plan

Reeducir risk factors

Decrease pathological stress

Improve fitness

Strengthen good habits

Tender towards an ideal weight

Successfully face everyday life

Recover energy and vitality

Reduce intake of drugs

What's Qenti Star?

In their versions of 4 days 6 months, this healthy plan includes all these services
Healthy nutrition
  • personalized eating plan tailored to individual goals
  • Breakfast
  • gourmet healthy lunch
  • Picnic
  • healthy gourmet dinner
  • mineral water springs
  • Natural Lemonade and you “Qenti” free during the whole stay
Group Activities
  • Therapeutic hydrotherapy circuit
  • Relaxing activities like yoga, chi kung y sensopercepción
  • Entertainment and Recreation
  • activity psychoeducative
  • Stretching
  • aerobic walking by the ecological reserve Qenti
Medical protocol
  • Clinical assessment and medical supervision
  • physical assessment and training routine
  • nutritional and anthropometric assessment
  • workup with bioimpedance
  • clinical and nutritional management
  • Individual special practices
  • Medical Conferences
Hospitality and services
  • Basic room accommodation, Standard or Special
  • Golf course 18 holes
  • Tennis court
  • Equestrian Club
  • Panoramic Pool
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Area of ​​physical activity and fitness
  • And many wonders more!

Take your health to the maximum level possible

Scientifically we found, using the Potential Index Health®, the following results:
  • Guests improve their health 100%
  • Improving sleep quality 90%
  • Regulates blood pressure or improvement 75%
  • Carbon monoxide less blood 80%
  • Decreases waist circumference 70%
  • Acquires new knowledge about eating behavior 80%
  • Improves your blood sugar levels 100%
  • Effectiveness of treatment 89%

Sierras de Cordoba, Argentina

La Posada está ubicada a 15 Km. of Villa Carlos Paz, en pleno valle de Punilla. Sus 340 hectáreas han sido declaradas de “Interés Turístico Provincial” por la belleza del paisaje que se extiende desde el Arroyo San Antonio hasta las primeras insinuaciones de las Sierras Grandes, that serve geographical and landscape framework. The choice of this place is not fortuitous, is the result of intensive studies who combine: conditions of environmental purity, springs of mineral water, wilderness, the magnificent mountain formations with a soothing tranquility. Esta ubicación se ve beneficiada por su cercanía del Cordoba International Airport, only 45 kilometers. Turn, we have a shuttle service that waits for the guest to your income.

Direct Flights to Cordoba

La Posada del Qenti

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