Under the International Tourism Winter, viagra sale Group CEO Qenti, Eng. Migue Cané, and participated in the inauguration of the event which took place in the rural, between 18 and 20 of this month, Buenos Aires.

The inauguration was led by the Minister of Tourism of the nation Mr.. Enrique Meyer and various authorities of the chambers of industry. During the same, The Group was promoted Qenti the 2 complex , La Posada del Qenti, Medical Spa & Resort (Health Tourism) in the Valley of Punilla, and La Posta, Mountain Resort (Active Tourism) located in the Pampa de Achala , hotel adjacent to La Quebrada Condorito National Park, both in the Province of Córdoba.

In the Photo of Ing. Cane, by the Arq. Analía Riguetti, Director of Tourism of the Municipality of Córdoba, Stand in the Province , one of the most important of the sample.

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