Medical Qenti, viagra 40mg Located in Lake Villa, viagra In. Carlos Paz, presents a new program that aims to improve the quality of life of employees and optimize their performance in their jobs.

Through it, employees and executives will enjoy Prevention Annual Plan, with a history, assessment and risk scores, that will allow companies to improve the health and fitness of their employees.
Numerous studies indicate that a better state of health optimizes the quality of work, predisposes a better working environment, reduces licensing costs and prevents loss of employees 'qualified'.

Among the services it offers plan, employees can access rehabilitation of different pathologies that accompany you on your return to work, physiotherapy programs, personalized nutrition and physical activity, guided walks, program Childbirth, La Posta for outings on weekends where activities to promote the health and habits of feasible changes are made, inter alia.

All plans and programs Qenti Medical are conducted by a team of professionals from different disciplines to ensure a holistic approach to health.

See all services offered by this program by calling (03541) 486500/600, sending an email to or entering

About Qenti Medical

Qenti Medical Center is a multidisciplinary medical specialty aimed at prevention and rehabilitation, which is composed of professionals whose skills combine to a proposed primary and secondary prevention programs for healthy biological balance.

Open to the Community, specialties and provides new methods of diagnosis, and with a clear focus on personalized health treatments.
Have an outpatient basis with outpatient, a biochemical laboratory, a rehabilitation center in which musculoskeletal disorders will be discussed, articular, Sports, cardio-respiratory and metabolic.

Custom training is also contemplated to group tasks containment, and monitoring of programs created in La Posada del Qenti, aesthetic medicine treatments including facial and body, with the latest developments in the beauty market.

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