Lose weight in a healthy and pleasant

3 options that fit your need

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Booking a health treatment 7 days or more, remedy his companion free of charge.

Lose Weight enjoying

This medical and spa , advice is designed for people who want to achieve their ideal weight in a safe and controlled. The "weight management" is based on a medical and nutritional, advice evaluating the causes, consequences of the loss of body balance in each particular case, taking into account, Not only but also the weight percentages of fat and their location, their habits and customs.

“My experience with Weight Management Plan: a perfect blend of fun and effective physical activity, tasty, healthy meal, rest and relax overlooking the mountains, all overseen by a group of people who were constantly vigilant to make my stay PERFECT!”

Experience Nina La Posada del Qenti

Medical Advice

This program is aimed at:

  • That any person who is not at your ideal weight can reach, either upward or downward
  • Improving the quality of the calories you eat, food-based first-line and craftsmanship
  • Improve the harmony of the whole organism
  • Demote negative stress on the body, in a natural ecosystem, sound and free daily pressures.
  • Generate a state of relaxation and learning in person, to change their daily habits and improve their quality of life and its environment
Pull. Roxana Viscovig

Medical Nutritionist. MP: 27.742/2 ME: 13.164, La Posada del Qenti

New options to improve your health

Weight Management Express

(Program 4 days)

We created an option 4 days for all those who do not have time, but they really need to improve their health. This alternative is based on 3 pillars; Healthy Eating, medical supervision and physical activity, with the aim of providing tools for you to gain quality of life and hold to return home.

Intensive Weight Management

(Program 7 days)

Our traditional and successful program 7 days which it aims to take care of their health in a pleasant way. During your stay you can enjoy different group and individual classes recreational activities, accompanied by a custom menu, medical lectures and clinical monitoring, that guarantee a unique experience.

Superior Weight Management

(Program 10 days)

This option was designed for those who put their health priority and have time to spend. Our most effective treatment 10 days It is designed for you to accomplish achieve noticeable results during the stay and mainly to generate changes in habits, which is then transferred to everyday life.

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Pay less with the Group Plan

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Our treatments include:

  • Clinical Evaluations: clinic doctor, nutritional, physiotherapy and aesthetic
  • Medical evaluations and Nutrition report treatment that did, progress and directions of continuity
  • Clinical analysis laboratory only social work or extra charge
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Psychology **
  • General reducing massage **
  • Reducing abdominal massage intensive
  • Podiatry or reflexology **
  • Individual activities with personal trainer **
  • Healthy full board with personalized eating plan tailored to your body
  • Group Activities and Recreation Nocturnas.Suggested various group activities will be conducted either in the pool, outdoor, in the classroom or in the gym
  • Hydrotherapy Circuit: It features a sauna, Finnish bath, hidromasaje outdoor views with al Valle Hermoso, and relax room with aromatherapy
  • Free use of facilities: Heated swimming pool with jacuzzi, pool, gym, tennis court, football, volleyball and game room. Free access to Carlos Paz Golf Club (18 holes)
  • Accommodation in comfortable rooms in different categories. Economic, Special and Premium

**Available options for Intensive Weight Management and Weight Management Higher.

Benefits for your Health


Reducing uric acid

The excess uric acid in our blood causes him concentrate in some places, as joints, producing chronic diseases like arthritis or gout.


Cholesterol Reduction

High cholesterol favors the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques that are blocking blood vessels;, increasing the possibility of generating cardiovascular events: hemiplejia, infarct, or other.


Glucose reduction

The high level of blood sugar occurs when the body produces too little insulin or is not able to use that insulin properly generating diseases such as diabetes.

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Ask our Specialists TOLL

Call +54 (3541) 420055

*Free companion Promotion, valid only for bookings with single base value, includes accommodation and breakfast for passenger. Extras such as food and medical practices, are charged separately. Valid only for stays of 2 people in the same room and a minimum of 7 days.

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