This Preventive Health Program is aimed at executives who want to improve their quality of life through the prevention. Includes a number of studies and assessments whose results can correct habits and prevent future disease.

These studies and evaluations are scheduled for every need and most of them are made in La Posada del Qenti. This was designed to stay 5 days / 4 nights (of moons viernes) allowing you to, page in addition to meeting their health, visit this site relax and enjoy the exclusive resort in a unique natural.

Preventive Health Program includes:

  • 5 days / 4 nights Hosting (moons viernes). Checkout viernes 10:00hs
  • Detoxifying Gourmet cuisine (breakfast, link lunch, lunch and dinner). You can choose lightweight Healthy Menu (reduced-calorie) Menu Saludable Gourmet (detoxifying)
  • Natural herbal teas during the stay
  • Daily Guided Walk
  • Relaxing Hydrotherapy Circuit with Sauna, Steam Bath, Jacuzzis and Relax Room
  • GYM and swimming access
  • Health workshops taught by professionals Qenti Medical Center
  • Recreation day and night
  • Protocol Checks (customized as needed)
  • ClinicData with home delivery
  • Concentration of activities and studies in La Posada del Qenti, except radiographs should bring as directed by our Medical Director Dr. Cristian Leiva or can be performed in a clinical associate in Villa Carlos Paz
  • Green Fee free Golf Course 18 holes, adjacent to La Posada del Qenti

Example Executive Protocol:

  • Medical Exam (Frm 10/289)
  • Chemical and microscopic examination of urine AQ
  • Laboratory (Full Blood) (Bioq act , cytological, Uric acid, urea, complete urine, liver function, insulin, Glycosylated hemoglobin, curve glucose tolerance, PCR, coagulograma thyroid)
  • CBC
  • Erythrosedimentation
  • Glycemia
  • Total cholesterol to HDL and LDL total fraction- Triglycerides
  • Hepatogram (bilirubin- transaminases SGOT and SGPT, Gamma GT)
  • Creatinine- Urea
  • PSA- PSA and tumor markers.
  • HIV (only at the request of the person)
  • Report cardiology with resting electrocardiogram (ECG) and effort(ECGM)
  • Analysis and CXR return
  • Review nutritional and anthropometric assessments
  • Cardiological check with cardiovascular risk stratification.
  • Abdominal ultrasound and prostate or gynecological.
  • Ultrasound of thyroid (with valuation intimal)
  • Ophthalmological
  • Valuation pulmonologist and respiratory function tests
  • Musculoskeletal Rating, articulate and bad posture
  • Cognitive psychological assessment, memoria y stress
  • CLINIC DATA: Electronic storage of medical data with a summary of relevant clinical information and studies of the individual + Home Delivery

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