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The Qenti APO Network It is formed by a team of Health Professionals of Argentina and other countries that share with La Posada del Qenti the same philosophy on Health Care and Healthy Living. Professionals who are part of Red plus updated medical information and receive exclusive newsletters about our treatments and studies, They are recommended to our guests by the Medical Center Posada del Qenti for careful monitoring of treatments that start at La Posada. While, La Posada del Qenti, medical services complemented each performed with custom health programs to help patients optimize their results by providing infrastructure in the Sierras and Medical Center team.

Letter from Our Medical Director

Dear Colleague:

We would like to invite you to know the proposal that the La Posada del Qenti offers health colleagues involved and understand the importance of both primary prevention, secondary, as rehabilitation, impact the health team work and therefore the well-being of patients.

We have 20 years of experience in this issue through professional activity mainly in the centersLa Posada del Qenti and Medical Qenti.

Our work is focused on primary prevention work mainly with lifestyle changes and re-education in terms of food, Physical activity, smoking cessation, Manejo of stress, etc. In secondary prevention, we focus on bringing education and control of diseases such as diabetes, HTA, Heart Failure, dyslipidemia, obesity, COPD, osteo muscle and joint pathologies, etc. Rehabilitation work stage III - IV cardio vascular pathologies, respiratory, metabolic, trauma, deport logical.

We have a team of 30 freelancers La Posada del Qenti made up: Clinicians, cardiologist, nutritionist, dermatological, Lic. Nutrition, psychologists, Psychiatrists, physiotherapists, deportólogo, Professor. ed. physics, biochemical laboratory, beauticians, podiatrists, etc..

Located in a privileged, basis of the high peaks in the South Punilla, with an environment of great beauty and tranquility, team to work with guests, in a more effective and enjoyable for them, achieving results in less time and providing important tools for achieving substantial and sustainable changes.

Medical Qenti is an interdisciplinary medical center comprised of 40 professionals from different specialties, own diagnostic methods relying. Located in Carlos Paz 10 km of Posada, provides professional support highly regarded Posada.

It is in our interest to offer our services, to do so in daily practice, becomes difficult for a professional time and the willingness of patients accelerated mired in daily routine. Our contribution to the re-education, compensation and rehabilitation, we are sure indications and fidelizará optimize the pte.

We created this Associate Professional Network La Posada del Qenti, with the aim of integrating Health Treatments performing guests at the Qenti, with a personalized nationwide, by Physicians and Health Professionals associated with this Network.

Plus get a special benefit both you and your patients recommended, you can count on our health newsletters which inform on progress, team work in conjunction with the Medical Center Qenti and monitoring of our guests who require personal attention outside La Posada.

We invite you to visit La Posada, services and the way we work, to form the network of professional friends Qenti Group, counting benefits for you and your patients.

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