Every night, order the hours you sleep are important, but more important than the quantity is the quality of Sleep. If you suffer from pain, indigestion, or you tend to snore, until you see your doctor, these positions may cure some of your ailments.

Back Pain? Try putting a pillow between your knees. ┬┐Indigestion? Raise your head more comfortable pillows or raise the foot of your bed with bricks. Do not waste your precious hours of sleep making you sleep uncomfortably.

Here we explain how they should sleep if they have:

Shoulder pain: Avoid sleeping on the side of the shoulder that hurts. Sleep on your back. Or if you sleep on the other side, put your arm under a large pillow up to your chest. It's almost like you're hugging someone.

Backache: The most common sleeping position is on your side. 57% people start the night this way, 17% lie down on your back and 11% in your stomach. But most changes its first position overnight.

Back pain

  • Lying on your back, Put a pillow or rolled towel under your knees. This will help maintain the natural curvature of your body, and will keep you sleeping on his back. Because according to experts, is the best position to fight this disease.
  • Side, Put a pillow between your knees for more support. This is also good for people with problems in the hips and knees. A fetal position can help with back pain.
  • Sleeping on your stomach it can be hard on your back and neck. But if it's hard to sleep otherwise, put a pillow under your pelvis and abdomen to prevent strain.

Neck pain: Try to leave the neck in a neutral position. Avoid sleeping on stomach tu. Many pillows can bend your neck, so keep the pillow on your shoulders. Some experts advise using a towel wrapped around his neck to support it.

shoulder pain

Snoring: Sleeping on your side or on your stomach serves to prevent your tongue or throat compress. Another way not to sleep on your back is to sew a tennis ball into the back of your pajamas.

Reflux: Experts recommend raising the head with pillows or put bricks under the front legs of the bed. Si no, side sleeping.

Swelling of the feet: It is important to keep your feet and ankles in a relaxed position. If you suffer from inflammation in your plant running or have flat feet. Avoid the tense bed.


Source: lifehacker.com

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