Environmental policy

Our commitment to nature

The health of our body is closely linked to the environment around us. As a company dedicated to health tourism, We assume a strong commitment to care Natural Commons, constituting environmental policies in line with our service and activity.

La Posada del Qenti it born and raised in the heart of the Recreational Reserve Provincial Valle del Condor and since its inception was conceived under heavy conservationist convictions were handed down over the years to all employees and visitors, which led to news of sustainable institutional development with strong pillars.

We are aware of the privileged environment in which we apply ourselves and our efforts in caring for our guests to enjoy the natural environment around us.

Our Environmental Policy are based on values:

  • Health
  • Respect for natural processes
  • Commitment to continuous improvement in environmental management

Here are the good environmental practices that define our commitment to the natural environment around us.

Shopping and eco-consumption
  • Evaluation of suppliers from an environmental point of view
  • conscious use of products, avoiding waste and waste generation
  • Reuse of printed paper
  • Acquisition of bulk foodstuffs or minimally involved
  • It prioritizes consumption of local products and seasonal
Management in the use of water

Water is a limited resource and should be treated as such, that is why we apply criteria of rational use of it:

  • Periodic review of facilities, repairing losses


  • In grooming tasks necessary minimum amount of water used
  • Using just and correct dose of cleaning products and a greater amount of product will not improve the cleaning result, only increases the pollutant load of water

Irrigation of green spaces

  • Watering is done with a low-power system (non-automated), adapting the frequency of watering to weather conditions and avoiding excessive and unnecessary water consumption
  • If you search the landscaping with native species: them are large water savers, since its ecology is adapted to the climate and the availability of local water, so they do not require periodic watering for survival
  • Training for staff and visitors on the rational use of resources

sewage water

  • They are sanitized with a natural wastewater treatment system, where water is processed with bacterial flora and worms oxidise the organic matter, obtaining uncontaminated water. Making it a process 100% sustainable

Responsible consumption

  • Linen reuse program
  • Towels reuse program
Fair Trade
  • We promote the local economy gaining input from regional producers, thus zonal support the economy and significantly diminish CO2 emissions caused by the transport of products
Energy efficiency
  • Quarterly control of energy consumption
  • We took advantage of natural light thanks to the large windows in our inn
  • The 75% of the lights are low energy consumption. These foci include compact fluorescent tubes (CLF), LED lights and fluorescent tubes T5 / T8
  • Training for staff and visitors on the rational use of energy resources
  • Maintenance program lighting systems, avoiding energy losses
  • System temperature adjustment in public areas through thermostats
environmental education and integration with the environment
  • We transmit and sensitize our visitors about the importance of our natural heritage around Posada
  • We promote respect and conservation of flora and fauna


We are working to also incorporate the following environmental policies:

  • food sovereignty: organic food production and self
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Incorporating a renewable energy system