always we recommend printing this document at the time of booking, since it is subject to change without notice.

Guaranteed Reserve

The reservation will be guaranteed once paid a sign equal to 50% the total value of the booking and confirmed by the sales department via e-mail to the address specified by you. This sign is seen as payment once the booking concreted. The sign no refund for any reason.


The payment of the stay must be completed in advance at the time of check in.

No Show

The guaranteed reserve will be maintained until 12 hs. the day following the date of arrival. Just after 12am will be canceled automatically reserve.


The sign no refund for any reason. For cancellations 2 days before the date of entry consideration will sign as advance payment for future stays.

Early withdrawal refund

Should first be removed to terminate your stay provided no question of a promotion, must pay the 30% total remaining balance of the reserve, which will be a toll to consume in a future stay, within one year from the date. In case of medical treatment packages no return is made for early withdrawal.

Early withdrawal refund promotions

Any stay which has been paid a promotional rate enables the refund for early withdrawal during the same, nor for the cancellation of the reservation. In either case the unused days will be pending for a future stay up 3 months following the reservation.

IMPORTANT: Statement on changes in the months of November and December 2017

During the months of November and December it takes place the plan Healthy Youth Tourism with youth groups 12 years old, about 60 passengers simultaneously. They will be housed in a separate wing of rooms especially for them and perform activities Health Tourism in an exclusive area, far from our guests, so they will not interfere with the regular activities of stay.

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