Pregnancy is a physiological state that passes by women undergoing some changes and side effects on your body.
One of them is the lower limb edema that increases as the pregnancy progresses and this is due to the compression exerted by the pregnant uterus on veins and mainly inguinal lymph, treatment causing heaviness, pain and even the appearance of telangiectasias.
One way of counteracting this effect is maintained ambulation. Walking vascular footbed stimulates, exert a pumping effect from the capillaries into the large veins and also the addition of pelvic exercises, decompresses this area. Should be alternated with periods of rest and elevation of the lower limbs
It is advisable to reduce the intake of salt in food to prevent fluid retention.
In addition to all these measures, You can go to the kinesiology, and through gentle massage, manuals achieve lymphatic drainage to stimulate lymph flow and venous. The use of a bandage is recommended cold without the addition product, during 15 minutes.
It is important to have the approval of the attending obstetrician.

Marcela Zobele
Kinesiologist La Posada del Qenti

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