In the last two decades, and the role of women in society has undoubtedly become a key.
With land reclaimed in the workplace, ambulance professional, symptoms intellectual; senior play not only in business, but also as civil and political. Places previously only reserved for men, with few exceptions.
With the strength, determination and perseverance, has shown that women can fulfill these roles at full efficiency, providing gender-specific characteristics. These tasks are developed without neglecting in turn the role of housewife and mother.
No doubt that all this land is not only commendable won for those who have obtained, but it is increasingly recognized by man, who begins to see the woman as a companion at home and at work.
This diversity of roles and demand, added to the current situation are causing the appearance of psychophysical effects arising from distress, poor eating habits, Cigarette smoking, lack of sleep and other factors to stay with a certain intensity and duration result in alterations psicointelectuales and organic.
We must alert the increase of diseases in women than previously seen less frequently as: CVD, Hypertension, gastrointestinal manifestations, hormonal disorders, etc..
It is vital therefore intensify preventive and general care , professional advice to begin to be aware of what steps should be taken into account to prevent organ dysfunction and keep fullness and health.
Stage of life is key periclimaterio. It hormonal changes that affect the rest of the body. Since women must adapt functionally and continue with a fully productive life , is important to take a number of precautions, controls and adaptation of diet and physical activity.
This not only unpleasant symptoms decrease, but also prevent alterations that limit the activity.
Pull. Alicia Ciapponi
Director Ctro. Doctor
La Posada del Qenti

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