Villa Carlos Paz – Secretary of Environment of the Province, web Raul Costa, treatment signed on 7 of this month, store bailment contract that will establish a Task ranger for the Provincial Water Reserve Pampa de Achala. This will be located in a prime location 2300mts high on the grounds of La Posada del Qenti, on Provincial Road 34 km 42. Also will form a Tourist Information Centre, sale of handicrafts and regional products, there Cordoba where dialogue with the sky and takes flight with Condor.

As they are a true island biogeographic, with many endemic, Pampa de Achala deserved to have its own ranger detachment. For this reason, Costa signed the bailment agreement with the owner of Parador Ing Miguel Cane. The agreement will allow the building on the campus of Parador La Posta is given on loan by 10 years to the Department of Environment, who shall dispose of it as detachment.

Now, the six rangers who serve on the entire reserve control tasks performed, monitoring and surveillance of activity 4×4, turchas fishing, extension work in rural schools as being in the nursery and Maitén Tabaquillo Sunday School Pagliari, where they also teach classes of flora sobrecuidado, wildlife and fire prevention.

Pampa de Achala - La Posta del Qenti