A recent study by the School of Nutrition at UNC indicates that in the city of Cordoba 28 percent of men who practice bodybuilding have a tendency to vigorexia.
Lately, a disorder related to eating habits and spaces flourished in the trade press. This is the vigorexia, store a conduct disorder, story Unlike bulimia and anorexia nervosa-centered-the amount of food leads to an obsession with achieving a muscular body and perfect figure through compulsive embodiment of sports. The matching point lies in the distortion of body image possessing themselves sufferers.
In Argentina there are still no statistics showing the incidence of psychopathology in the United States affecting more than a million people. However, A recent study on the tendency to get vigorexia, in the urban area of ​​the city of Córdoba, It showed that the 28 percent of the male population who practice body building is prone to this disorder. The conclusion stems from the thesis Nutrition conducted by Lorena Camera, Silvana Florindo and Luciene Mobiglia, today you graduated from the National University of Córdoba (UNC).
The study was conducted on 139 gyms in the city of Córdoba enrolled in the town, of which those who work the subject of bodybuilding extracted. In these places were made 130 questionnaires to men and women, of 17 a 35 years old, who volunteered to participate.
The survey was based on four-sociocultural profiles, Clinical and biological, nutritional and psychological- useful for determining the degree of inclination to suffer vigorexia. "It is a complex condition and as such can not be a sole criterion for diagnosis, therefore anthropometric data were also surveyed to determine body composition ", Lorena said University Chamber Today.
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If there is a point at which mismatch eating disorders, is the search for an ideal, a perfection that is always presented as unattainable. "That ideal man or woman who wants to be or be, is constructed in the same configuration of the subjectivity of the individual ", Analia said Stabio, psychologist and teaching university consulted. That construction involving both children and their parents, latter, as a source of security, protection, affection and role models. "When these contributions are absent and model throughout the growth and development of the psyche, often happens that very impoverished or inaccessible ideals forge ", observó Stabio.
While eating psychopathology leads to a, vigorexia is not, strictly, feeding disorder, but it is an addiction to fitness, shared with bulimia and anorexia obsession with the figure and body image distortion.
Often, those seeking the perfect body make influenced by the models proposed by the society through advertising and the media. The truth is that these people consider your figure as a valuable and have very low self-esteem. In this manner, the body becomes your most important attribute, that, at worst, dedicated training over 12 weekly hours.

Unhealthy contradiction.
The overall findings of the study indicate that the 28 percent of the study population presented vigorexia-prone to the 26 percent is mild level and remaining two percent to moderate-level, meaning, average, one in four people is prone to this disease, ellas all male.
Nutritionists reached this result after analyzing the data recorded in the four profiles in the questionnaire and anthropometric data of each individual was based (weight, size and thigh circumference).
The diet of people vigoréxicas is characterized by being rich in calories, proteins, carbohydrates and low in fat. "The study showed that the 56 percent of the study population consumed protein diets, data which itself is an indicator of trend vigorexia ", sostuvo Silvana Florindo.
Registration of anthropometric measuring seven skinfolds joined, useful for estimating body composition and determine the percentage of lean mass and fat. "All these data to determine when the heavy weight of a person is overweight or indicator corresponds to muscle mass", aclaró Lucien Mobiglia. This data adds to the 80 percent consume supplements such as amino acids and proteins without prescription.
The marked imbalance between food groups and the indiscriminate use of anabolic promotes increased muscle mass as well as the occurrence of metabolic disorders. The 6 percent of respondents expressed decreased sexual interest and 26 percent somnolence.

A psychological and sociocultural level.
The study found a high percentage of respondents who were attracted by the ideal of man or woman who transmits advertising, and the widespread dissatisfaction with one's body. While there are no statistics to support it, investigating perceived irritability of the subjects to be weighed and checked their weight was not as expected.
The vigoréxicas people spend hours in the gym. Body worship becomes the leitmotif of their lives and leads them to create patterns of behavior resent family ties and friendships. "However, despite having a great muscular development continue seeing thin, what leads to extreme behavior patterns to increase muscle mass and obsession, reaching the point weighed several times a day ", House warned.

Source: http://www.hoylauniversidad.unc.edu.ar/

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