The Popular Detox Diets (abbreviation detoxi-nation = eliminate toxins) that are based on removing certain foods from the diet and consume only liquids, soups, infusions, fruits and organic products, the body eliminates toxins and detoxified. Diets are generally performed between 7 a 30 days in some cases and in others more specific fasts are practiced. Such diets also promote the consumption of laxatives which can cause gastrointestinal disturbances, cardiac and cramps most extreme situations. The aim; slimming and purifying the body quickly.

When a person is subjected to a very low calorie diet the body lowers your metabolism and begins a energy saving system, stored energy reserves, "Save" because our brain does not know how long the famine; and it is precisely in our lean mass where it keeps reserves, adipose tissue but to our. Moreover we know that there is no scientific evidence that purifies the body to stop eating and drinking only liquids for 7 prolonged fasting days or do. The sudden decreases in weight are due to more liquid is removed to reduce the consumption of sodium and not to decreased adipose tissue, so when you return to normal eating, If lots are not reduced, becomes quickly regain lost weight, and fat must be had to the excessive caloric restriction start.

It is very important not to deprive the body of essential nutrients for the proper functioning of all systems. Nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, essential oils, Vitamins, minerals and fiber are needed and each has a specific function in our body.

Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that help the body free radicals are eliminated, This does not mean that the body detoxify but protect cells from potential damage these.

A feed balanced, completa y natural, avoiding excess food high in preservatives, dyes, stabilizers, artificial sweeteners and additives, is ideal for our overall health and wellness.

Improve the quality of food we choose (Simple low fat and sugar, high in fiber), change the ways of preparing and eating it right (a portion) We help reduce calorie intake, and if this holds, lose weight and what is more healthy body fat will be lost.

When we put the lens in the change not only in the balance, weight loss will result from this change. There is nothing magical to lose kilos, positive and lasting results have to do with the choices we make daily. No prohibition, but with self, using all senses when we eat, that way we get more log, we are aware of the act of eating, this way we can perceive the degree of satiation and eating it right, otherwise when not checked, we skip meals and eat to cover emotions, We are always exposed to excess.

Lic. María Soledad Boca – M.P 1998

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