Qenti Urban Spa, ampoule located in the exclusive area of ​​San Isidro, website like this this summer launched a program of aesthetic so you can look better every day: Shock Reafirmante Reductor.

The program, viagra sale conducted by professionals in the field of aesthetics, includes the most innovative and effective treatments: Reducing Massage, Bandages cold and thermal, Lymphatic drainage, appliances, isometric tension and bandages.

The program will have a special promotional tariff valid for xx and xx for all who wish to improve their image and feel better to experience the proven results offered treatment.

Learn more about this program by calling (011) 4798-0190, sending an email to urbanspa@qenti.com or entering www.qenti.com

About Urban Spa

Qenti Urban Spa specializes in health treatments, Beauty and Aesthetics. Located in San Isidro, opposite the racecourse in Buenos Aires.
This undertaking was intended Qenti Group for many of the guests staying at La Posada Spa & Health Resort, Cordoba, continue their activity there. The staff consists of medical professionals working interdisciplinary monitoring and deepening the results obtained in the Resort. Whirlpool has, sauna, boxes for performing massage therapy, biological revitalization treatments, dermocosmiatría, facial and body, sports injury recovery, computerized appliances sessions, clinic for clinical screening and nutritional consultations, diet delivery service at home and, turn, serves as a point of information and reservations.

More information about La Posada del Qenti in www.qenti.com

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