New trends in aesthetics, perform increasingly seeking cosmetic treatments that are not invasive to the skin. That is why we are more frequent treatments with fillers, botox, Dermabrasion, mesolifting, inter alia, in order to get rejuvenated skin without surgery.

The novelty of these treatments is that their is no incisions, Recovery is quick and easy, thus ensuring that the patient does not disrupt normal activities.
The results of all treatments without surgery are immediate. You can see major changes from the first application, since a remarkable stretching occurs in the collagen structure, As shown most clearly in the course of time.
This more youthful appearance, has a durability of 24 months or more, depending on the treatment chosen and the natural aging process of each patient.
Es importante tener en cuenta que se pueden lograr resultados aun mas satisfactorios, if done after treatment, the patient uses nourishing and firming creams moisturizers that protect and nourish the skin, Solar photoprotection and make healthy lifestyle.
At Posada del Qenti, we have a group of highly trained professionals to perform such practices without surgery, whom they will suggest the type of treatment that will suit you as your skin type, natural aging process, etc..
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