As in January last year we introduced our new Medical Spa, order this year we did not want to miss the opportunity to further enhance the excellence and professionalism in our services.

That is why we have opened a new office in clinical dentistry and aesthetic, buy more about which is led by Dr. Eduardo Godoy of la Dra. Juliet Badra. It aims to provide more and better services to all guests who visit us. The same will be equipped with next-generation appliances for different types of medical practices, among those found:

1. Revitalization tooth and gingival (or teeth and gums): This therapy is based on the study nitrarla endoscope and then to reach a diagnosis, Ultrasonic scanning realization tartar, Stain Removal (cigarette, to, coffee) propellant bicarbonate and ozonation of teeth, gingiva and tongue.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning: It is a study of intraoral endoscope and then performing ultrasonic scanning of tartar.

3. Determination of Biological age teeth: a comparison with the actual age tooth presenting guest upon consultation and possible treatment is performed.

4. Implantology: Here a package that includes dental therapy prepares, accommodation and meals. The on line consultation and treatment plan based on CT with multiplanar reconstruction and 3D views the patient emailed.

5. Laser Whitening: Ultrasonic cleaning and descaling 40 minutes approx. Using an argon laser to remove pigments and intrinsic tooth color achieve more brilliant bank.

6. Bleaching ambulance: consists in making models of the mouth of the patient for making siliconized cuvettes and nocturnal use for bleaching gels 20 days.

La Posada del Qenti, Medical Spa & Resort is now undoubtedly, a center specializing in health tourism, our country's most prestigious, due to the professionalism of its staff and to the excellence in customer service and personal attention.

It also has offices for specific treatments or facial cosmetic and body fitness, in which all the activities of physical rehabilitation and therapeutic rehabilitation programs are carried.

These advances, are the result of hard work and professionalism of all the staff who work every day to continue to provide excellent services, to improve the quality of life of our guests.

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