Now you can remove wrinkles renewing your skin collagen

This revolutionary treatment is a medical procedure to achieve nonsurgical facial rejuvenation and other body areas, pills affirming and lifting flaccid areas, prostate reactivating collagen production, reducing wrinkles, bags and dark circles; providing light to the skin.

Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation is, namely, simultaneously varying the electric field and magnetic. Is a therapeutic method capable of generating heat energy as, selectively in deeper skin layers and subdermal, while protecting the epidermis, which is the uppermost layer. This rise in temperature causes the immediate contraction and long term collagen, stretching the skin and restoring the natural contour facial, counteracting the effects of sagging. It also affects the fatty tissue and promotes lymphatic drainage. This decrease fluids and toxins from the tissue affected by the "cellulite". This increase in circulation in the area also improves the metabolism of subcutaneous adipose tissue and improves skin appearance.

This is a simple treatment. It is painless, and requires no anesthesia or preparation prior to skin. The patient will feel a brief sensation of heat. Only apply creams or oils on the skin active, and energy through a head which moves over the skin. Treatment may last from 25-30 minute 45-60 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

It operates mainly in the facial contour (nasolabial folds, jaw lines, dewlap, and area under the chin) and can be applied throughout the body, to eliminate cellulite and dermolipolisis.

When you log decongestant gel is placed in the. The patient can resume daily activities immediately.

The number of sessions required will vary depending on the case and the patient.

Are normally between 10 a 12 for the face and between 6 and 10 to the body, weekly. The results are durable and causes a substantial improvement in the skin structure, subsequent to the first session the skin undergoes a gradual improvement and continues to 2 years after treatment.

It is contraindicated in: pregnancy and lactation, carriers of metal prostheses, pacemaker, severe heart disease, coagulation disorders, connective tissue diseases and neuromuscular, cancer, overweight important and recent collagen implants.

Pull. Mariela A. Alvarez

Area of ​​Dermatology. La Posada del Qenti

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