Imagine that you are comfortably lying on a stretcher while receiving a gentle body massage and a delicious warm rain sliding down her legs and back.
For this desirable treatment by the name of “Ducha Vichy”, recipe and is more proposal offered by La Posada del Qenti.

It is a consistent treatment hidroterápico applying multiple showers acting simultaneously from head to toe for different purposes depending on the pressure and temperature vary, purchase ideal for after a massage or body mud, this includes various functions and will be in a room overlooking terrace hidden beside the Finnish bath.

The health benefits it produces are almost innumerable;
promotes blood circulation, improves muscle contractures, tones the skin, effective against rheumatism, has a relaxing effect and stressing.

Resulat ideal for mud treatments, Seaweed Exfoliating the (particularly suitable for removing impurities and dead skin cells), which must then be removed with water, it allows shower without having to move from the couch.

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