Clean Air, natural ozone, water catchment ...

La Posada del Qenti is located, literally, amid the Sierras de Cordoba. The 330 hectares that make up a property Private Ecological Reserve in which prevails native wildlife.

Besides the natural and proper archaeological vestiges are seen in Aboriginal tours of the property, La Posada del Qenti has two natural qualities that distinguish:

Natural ozone production

In the high peaks are grayish appreciate in the mountains, is due to mineral uranium that is distributed over them (not being focused not have the conditions that make it suitable for commercial exploitation).

The action and effect of ultraviolet rays of the sun on the mineral, does occur ozone naturally, This has two important properties and health benefits:

  • Is Natural bactericidal more important that there Airway
  • The ozone layer is much more protected than elsewhere, this is very beneficial for all outdoor activities that are performed

Mineral Water Catchment

Within the premises of 330 we ha natural water catchments from the Cuesta Blanca Dam, which is fed by the melting of the High Peaks which in turn is fed additionally rains particularly in summer. They are rich in minerals such as iron, football and magnesium.

This natural elixir that we have is detoxifying, very rich in minerals and contains no sodium which makes it very beneficial for sufferers of other diseases and coronary dysfunctions.

The same, Once filtered and conditioned, served in our restaurant and different dispenser at your disposal that are uploaded daily to the consumer.

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