This season 2009, The Group QENTI, through its tourism ventures La Posada del Qenti Health Resort and The Sunset QENTI Mountain Resort, are pleased to present three exclusive nights out and Soil to INIVITADOS with our exclusive stars: the Sr. Rodolfo Ranni, the Mrs. Mary Rojí and musician Sergio Romano, during the summer months from January to late February.

  • Day Monday 22,30hs el Sr. Rodolfo Ranni who are staying at La Posada del Qenti, delight us with their presence in the cycle "At the cinema with Ranni" where different films will be interpreted by him, have the presence of the actor, officiating as moderator for each evening he prestigioso journalist Sr. Miguel Peirotti of matins La Voz del Interior.

The films chosen for these meetings are as follows: 1) REASONS NOT TO FALL IN LOVE 2) PAYBACK TIME 3) ARRANGEMENT4) NO LADY5) TIO PEPE'S HERITAGE6) SEARCH7) PASSENGERS OF THE GARDEN8) A PLACE IN THE WORLD * Day Tuesday 22.30 hs talented María swarm, with renowned concert Sergio Romano, we provide a unique Show acústico, in an intimate encounter.* Day Wednesday las 22.30 hs, Sergio Romano We give a recital of "Dirt Music", which will recur for guests staying at Correspondence Qenti.

  • Day Thursday, in the afternoon, of 15 a 17 Hs., Guillermo Gramuglia, actor La Cage Aux Folles, recognized coach Marcelo Tinelli in dancing for a dream, will share with our guests and guests "Dancing with the Rhythm", which will review the varied rhythms of all time to the delight of those who want to dance.

The inputs of each meeting are free and free for all friends of the family and guests who are staying in our resorts. Those wishing to enjoy these wonderful encounters, should be communicated to 03541 495715 o a to make reservations.

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