How many times wanted to control their weight? How many treatments he performed? What have you lasting results?. If your answer is that almost all life struggled with her weight, tested lot of treatments without getting results, there is definitely something that is not working.


This is because the weight problem is not only in food, or the amount of exercise you perform, nor in our body. The problem is that time and again seek out what we find within ourselves. For a real change and forever, it must come from within, from our "be aware" and not from outside, from the "must do" this or that.

  • Internally we know that we must change eating habits, vary the foods, eat less carbohydrates, more fiber etc.. but… we do not do it.
  • We know we must do more physical activity but were unable to hold it in time.
  • We know we should drink more fluids but not moisturize us.
  • We know that we must improve our quality of life but we fail to practice.

Many treatments tell us what we "should" do and give us a number of indications like a master recipe. But the failure of these lies in seeking “impose” do something that often does not fit with our individuality, with the only being that we are each of us.

Successful treatment should be one that:

  • Allow a comprehensive approach to our problem with weight and food.
  • To help us become aware of how our relationship with food is conditioned by multiple factors: our history, the pace of life we, individual factors, family, social and emotional among others.
  • To enable us to tune ourselves, with our values, with the true meaning of what we do and why.
  • We show that eating, It is a true encounter with food and nourish not only our body but also our being.
  • Let us accept ourselves as we are, teach us to love, to value and respect our self-esteem and cultivating.

If what we want is a lasting change must penetrate deep into our lives.

Mindfulness or Mindfulness intent is to pay attention to the experience of the present moment (thinking, feelings and physical sensations) Without judgment, curiously, and acceptance opening.

Mindfulness applied to food and weight control, It called Mindful eating or feeding conscious and involves applying that quality of attention to the process of eating, all flavors, odors, thoughts and feelings that arise during the meal. Mindful eating You can help us make a profound change as it is a natural and organic process, of the most advanced in natural healing.


  • Becoming aware of what we eat,how we eat and why we eat.
  • Give a different answer to our needs and stop eating compulsively automatically or.
  • Tune with the feelings of our body allowing us to distinguish the true emotional hunger hunger, hunger boredom, stress, by sadness, anger, etc.. And to seek alternatives within us, not imposed from outside.
  • Make more conscious and intuitive choices, thus improving our habits and body care.
  • It teaches us to treat each other with kindness and to stop feeling guilty to some foods.

So good Mindfulness It is a new trend with respect to health, its origin is based on an ancient practice of more than 2500 years constitute the fundamental essence of Buddhist meditation practices, during the last 40 years is being integrated into Western medicine and psychology.

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