It is one of the largest current obsessions. If we have a few extra kilos, that if we are swollen, if you get the summer in the way we want. Think with me: How many times have you tried to control your weight? How many diets you put into practice throughout your adult life? And how many did you get lasting results? If the answer is that you fight for your weight most of your life and you tried many treatments without real effects, Clearly something is not working as it should. So I chose to sit and talk with doctors and managers of the Posada del Qenti, Cordoba, recognized wellness specialist, to solve some doubts about.

At first, I was told that the weight problem is not only in what we eat or how much exercise we do, and even in our body. “The problem is that we seek out what we find in ourselves”, said Miguel Cané (h), Director of the institution. For real change to occur and forever, You must be born from our being aware, and not from what we do. What if, we all know what we should eat and how to balance food to be well, but the truth is that most of the time (if ever) we do not do it. And we know we have to do more physical exercise, but overall we fail to sustain it over time. We also know that we should drink two liters of water daily, But how many actually do? Many treatments tell us what we should do, and give us a range of indications like a master recipe. “But the failure is that they seek to impose something that often does not fit the individuality and the only being that is each”, illustrate from the inn.

What should then have a successful treatment? Above all, allow a broad approach to the problem of weight and food. Help to become aware of how the relationship with food is influenced by multiple factors such as personal history, the pace of life, the family, social circle, the emotions, etc.. A treatment to, then, tune with yourself and your values, with the true meaning of what is done and reason. Teach to eat not only nourishes the body, but also being, and allows accept ourselves as we are, cultivating well as self-esteem. “If you are looking for a lasting change, You must permeate the depths of being”, point from the institution.

And as mindfulness intention is to pay attention to the experience of the present moment without judgment, curiously, and acceptance opening, mindful eating is living a conscious eating. Namely, applying that quality of attention to the process of eating, all flavors, odors, thoughts and feelings that arise during the meal. A process that can lead to profound change that is required to reach a new habit of a natural, organic process. Treatment to all, which basically it requires room and enjoy the present moment.

Professor. Daniel TANGON

Professional Personal Trainer

Instructor National Bodybuilding and Bodybuilding.