Since August, viagra 60mg the food label should report their caloric and nutritional content. Adiós a “Light” and “diet”. Among the new diseases and syndromes, store overweight and stress are best characterized the period from the second half of the century 20 onwards.


For two decades, a little Obesity is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as ” the world's largest non-communicable epidemic “. China embarrassed to contemplate the appearance of fat in their ancient society. Given the limited effectiveness of campaigns, U.S. states like California chose to ban the sale of soft drinks and food “scrap”. Between 40 and 50% Argentines suffering from a disease once unknown (The gordura) that is currently the second leading cause of preventable death, after smoking.

The main objective of the measure is to counter childhood obesity, that currently affects an 20% of all social classes and could become a real risk when this generation reaches the 30 years old. By requiring food producers that the packaging clearly informed about the nutritional and caloric value of the same, the national government tries to take a decisive step of the bulge. The measure would take effect from 1 August. Parallel and gradually, terms disappear “Light” and “Diet”. The convenience of taking a product from the gondola with one of these labels, means that consumers are not forced to read and find out if it actually helps with weight control and is compatible with conditions such as diabetes, food intolerances, etc..