Sports massage is, stuff basically, a form of therapy that is applied to healthy people doing sports. The massage therapist requires more effort than other types of massage, but, above all, forces you to know the specific muscle groups involved in the sport, which are, together with the associated joints, the most challenging regions for the many demands of competition and the repetition of the same proper motions of each sport.
The massage therapist you choose this specialty, will meet, also, typical lesions of each sport, signs and symptoms, and rigorously respect the limitations of their professional practice.
It will be at their discretion to use the art in every circumstance, which depend on “time” in that massage is (pre to post competition, training, cramps, contractures, etc.); sex and age of the recipient, of the “quality” Sport: high competition, for example.
This type of massage usually includes, also, certain manipulations aimed at flexible joints and active-passive movements, since the aim of pre-competition massage, for example, is to increase muscle response, optimizing muscle contractility and elasticity, but also “soften” joints.
Based on our experience, we believe that this specialty will be a temptation for coaches, fitness instructors and physical education teachers, personal trainners, and for anyone who participates from any corner of the world leading sport, becoming for them a labor resource immediate realization.
The Athletic Trainer must remember that its primary role is to prepare the athlete or player for competition, and this “prepare” has a large psychological component; probably, is all the charisma and personality of massage which transforms the most required and appreciated person Gyms, costumes, training rooms, etc..
The Athletic Trainer must know the basic and fundamental anatomical terminology, as well as the disorders and / or injuries, to interpret the instructions of coaches, coaches, medical staff, etc..

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