This was announced, this Silvio Schraier, cheap Argentina President Nutrition Foundation (FAN), case who reported that more than half of Argentina's largest 20 years suffering from obesity or overweight with a correlation of associated diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension, warned local specialists.

“We are the worst level in many parts of the world in the growth of obesity, which is what brings more health complications. And if we add the overweight, we see that both problems affect between him 53 and 54 percent of the population over 20 years old”, dijo Schraier.

The nutritionist said “parallel” the increase in obesity and overweight, is occurring worldwide “diabetes growth, high cholesterol and hypertension”, with serious consequences that this implies. In the case of Argentina, data on obesity and overweight arising from the comparison between the National Survey of Risk Factors (ENFR) of 2005 and the last, made 2009 by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, and whose results were released in 2011.

Schraier remarcó that “regrettably, habits of our population have changed for worse. Fewer fruits and vegetables are eaten, and physical activity becomes less. This brings about a deterioration of the nutritional balance, Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and the increasing prevalence of severe chronic diseases associated with obesity”. Asked about the changes that should take place on a personal and family level to address this problem, the specialist said: “We must return to the sources, eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods, and secondly, walk at least half an hour every day. Therewith, is highly likely that those who are overweight, lose weight”.

As additional measures to reduce weight, There are some drugs whose indication it is up to the treating physician, and certain dietary supplements such as conjugated linoleic acid, that physically active people reduce the amount of fat, particularly abdominal, and muscle tissue gradually replaces. “We have to look like a pyramid explained Schraier- At the base are healthy eating and physical activity. Then, there may be specific medications and supplements for obesity, conjugated linoleic acid and, has shown that people who take, absorb a little less fat consumed”.


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