Astrologer and writer Ludovica Squirru will host a conference next Saturday 27 June at La Posada del Qenti, patient exclusively for our guests, viagra 60mg entitled "Chinese Horoscope and I-chin".

La Posada, visit web which it has recently been awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2015 awarded by TripAdvisor, It is nestled among the hills of Cordoba, surrounded by nature with an area of 340 hectares, is a “ideal location” chosen because its energy magnetism Ludovica.


Sobre Ludovica

His father Eduardo Squirm, It was the first Argentine ambassador to China, and received from childhood education based on Eastern culture, I hear about her childhood in the I Ching, Lao Tse and Confucius.

He studied with Professor Wang astrology Dharma followed by another course 1 Ching in the Himalayas Insitute of New York and studied on the Book of Changes with Professor Juan Flesca specializes in Oriental Philosophy. In 1988 I traveled to China to study with renowned masters of this art.

“I'm holistic and my books are testimonies of my present. I believe in the mutation, in the evolution and transmission. Whoever you wish to have to learn new things and incorporate the past into the present. Work is delight and so they always offer the best of me, each book in which they can enjoy alone or with your pet”.

In collaboration with Carlos Barrios wrote The Book of Fate, “Uncle Kam: Mayan astrology”. The book introduces the concept of Kam Wuj as a way to interpret the Mayan Astrology. It is a comprehensive introduction to topic compiled with the help of several authors.

Currently investigating the connection of Mayan astrology with Chinese living in the valley of Traslasierra, Cordova.




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