According to Collegiate Society of Physiotherapy in the UK, people have become “slaves of the screen” and are often working while traveling to or from the office and get home. This environment encourages poor posture can cause back and neck pain, says the agency. Experts, is necessary that people “learn how to stop” their mobile devices.

The Company conducted a survey of more than 2,000 office. The results showed that more than 64% of respondents said it was still working on their smart phones and other devices after leaving office. And they spent an average of two hours on it.

This addition to the 6 hours 22 minutes on average spend in front of a screen in the office during regular working day. The main reasons cited by respondents were still working with this “released the pressure in daily work” (35%) or “had too much work” (33%). Other 29% of respondents said the extra work at home helped them reduce their overall levels of stress. And “a worrying 24%” -says the study- wanted his bosses would provide a counseling service on stress.

A 53% I thought your work at home outside office hours had increased over the past two years, and of these, only 8% said that his boss was trying to do something about it.

Very disturbing

As stated by the Company “Physiotherapists are concerned that this work is storing excessive mental health problems and physical for the future. In particular because 66% of respondents reported suffering from work-related illness, as headaches or back pain”.

The Company adds that “poor posture when using smartphones and other mobile devices can lead to back and neck pain”. Long working hours may also increase stress-related diseases, experts say.

Dr. Helen Johnson, Society president, states that these findings are “very worrying”. “While doing some extra work at home can seem like a good short term solution, if it becomes a regular part of our bedtime routines this can lead to back or neck problems, well as stress-related diseases”.

“This applies especially when the person uses mobile devices and not think about your posture. Talk to your employer if you feel under pressure” adds the expert.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Federation of Trade Unions in the UK, Brendan Barber, states that “excessive levels of work are not good for anyone. The overworked employees are not only more likely to perform worse at work, also likely that the stress of a workload that can not handle them cause disease”.

“People who feel they are unable to leave work in the office should talk to their heads and learn to turn off their smartphones” added the official.

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