Warn of the danger of a very nourishing diet. They are between 17 and 35 years old. Consume few fruits and vegetables, more about and many meats and delivery. They say it's for lack of time, see fatigue the laziness. Experts, information pills may be the beginning of overweight.

For fatigue. Due to time. To be free from loneliness. Excuses abound for a problem that increasingly worries doctors and nutritionists: young people living alone dangerously wrong feed. Now with no one to cook, Quick dishes abuse, sandwiches, pizza and snacks, they skip meals and consume almost no fruit, vegetables, dairy and fresh meat. These habits, experts consulted by Clarin match , cause serious shortcomings which generate decay and increase the risks of obesity, anemia, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, among other evils.

The phenomenon particularly affects people between 17 and 35 living alone. Some are young people who migrate to the city to study. Others, professionals in their early years of independence. In both cases, loneliness seems to keep them away from the kitchen and lead them to have unhealthy diets.

A study of the School of Nutrition, showed that more than UBA 75% university students consume fewer calories than recommended. Según Carolina Chevallier, Teaching Nutrition Facts to this institution, this in the short term "causes thinning and loss of muscle mass, with consequent decay ".

"There is a clear increase in life alone, almost always associated with poor eating habits. The most common is the exclusive or preferential consumption of foods made, as packaged foods and meats, or the delivery of pizza and empanadas. It's a monotonous diet, unbalanced, disharmonic and inadequate ", Edgardo explains Ridner, Argentina president of the Nutrition Society.

Beatriz Ravanelli, Argentina Association of Nutritionists, coincides detailed diagnosis and: "We recorded low intake of fruits and vegetables, grains, dairy, lean meats and fish. And a high consumption of sweets, snacks, cookies, pastry and breakfast meats. From taking, prevail sugary drinks (as soft drinks and juices), tea with sugar and a lot of alcohol at the exits ".

Six years ago Cecilia Parodi (34), lives and works in her apartment in Belgrano. Recognizes that eat poorly and attributes to laziness. "I am very lazy cook", supports. In the morning, breakfast coffee with toast. At noon, eat the cheese and the Fetas, in the afternoon, repeats coffee with toast. Therewith, says, "Strip" until the next day: "It's very rare to have dinner".

The fatigue, undoubtedly, plays an important role in the "bad food". "The first thing I tell patients is that they have no time, but then admit that they want to prepare food lacking ", says Ridner. He explains that loneliness also weighs: no company, are considered useless or depressing as cooking actions, sit at the table and to use cutlery. The problem is that these habits, the late Temprano, spend bill. And in some cases lead to overweight: "It generates an obesity-promoting environment, with wide range of high-calorie foods ", explains Ravanelli.


Source: www.clarín.com

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