Who among us, cheap It has not ever tried to lose weight, quit, consistently perform any physical activity, etc.. All we know is that "we have to do" because it is necessary, because our doctor recommends, because what we read or comment, or because we are already suffering the consequences of these unhealthy habits.


How many times we try and fail?. So many that sometimes discouragement leads us to conform and convince us that: "Can not", "There is something to die for", "This is to enjoy", "I prefer to live well".

Are we really choosing? Select to compare between one thing or another and then choose the one which conforms us more.

How many of us after so many sacrifices to reach a healthy weight, back to win those 5,10, 15 or more Kg. weight cost us both down? The change of habit is feasible provided there is a real conviction and determination to try.

Knowing that no rapid changes, immediate or easy; It is a process reeducate our habits with the conviction to live better, to preserve the freedom of being healthy. Knowing that this is a process and not a "moment", "A diet", "Throw the pack of cigarettes". No quick things, easy or magic that endure. If this belief exists, We must also choose the best advice to teach and accompany us in this process.

In the inn Qenti work under the philosophy of personalized attention, taking care of every detail and worrying about the health and welfare of our guests. The multi and interdisciplinary work allows for even more rewarding results, grappling each triggered by the search for balance and achieving incorporating good habits.

Unfortunately there are many treatments and products on the market, wonders and offering solutions that are not only ineffective but also harmful to health. Let us then choose what is best for our quality of life and who will be best placed to help us achieve.