The Water aerobics It is a type of fitness acuático whose exercises focus on muscle toning, in repetitions and work with different materials, as weights, balls and float fleets, inter alia. Essentially, the Water aerobics is transferred to aquatic physical work done on land, yes, counting all the possibilities of movement that brings waterways.

The advantage of training in immersion conditions is promoted by floating water reduces the risk of injury and, therefore allows some patients to participate in aerobic training programs (for these people would be very difficult to do on land). La hipogravidez (serious shortage) allows reducing the impact of the body with the ground and, with this, stress on joints. This feature makes water exercise can be more durable and frequent. It also allows people with disabilities to benefit from the release of water-weight that. The psychological benefit in this regard is clear.

However, for training safe, certain procedures must be observed. First need a period of general warming, during which the heart rate to achieve a progressive increase. Second, the period of aerobic training should be enough time for the training effect is achieved. All this will depend on the intensity. Similar increases in cardiorespiratory endurance can be achieved through a long session with low intensity exercise session and also shorter with higher intensity exercise, ending with an elongation of muscles accompanied by a large final relaxation.

Kind of people we are advised the Water aerobics:

  • Persons with cardiorespiratory problems mild moderate.
  • Sedentary and low physical activity in their day to day people.
  • Problems psychomotor, general dynamic coordination and balance both dynamic and static.
  • Lack of muscle tone, general atrophy and hypotonia.
  • Poor joint mobility and flexibility.
  • Problems of low self-esteem, low confidence and negative expression in the daily evolution.
  • Incorrect posture.
  • Lack of pace and agility.
  • General lesions throughout the spine (cervical, dorsal y lumbar)

And in general for all those lovers of the aquatic environment, and eager to exercise.

Physical Education Department

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