One of the main issues was addressed in the Latin American Congress of Nutrition, developed last weekend in the city of Rosario, was How Argentines eat and where the food consumption are routed.

A new research presented at the conference, revealed that Argentines eat twice in saturated fat and sugars that are needed, y la composición de la mesa es monótona y poco variada en alimentos, con mayor proporción de productos farináceos y menos vegetales, por lo que se debe aumentar el consumo de frutas, vegetables and legumes .

The monotony of Argentine wheat is based on , meats and sugars , and lacks fruit and vegetables . On the consumption of fat , sugars and sodium , consumption of these calories should be between a 15 and 17% the total diet , but our consumption is 33% o sea el doble . Are 11 products that concentrate these nutrients : bread, sugar, sugary drinks, meat, Meats, queso on descremado, cookies, alfajores, mat milk, butter and preserves. levels of sugar in teas and drinks exceed estimated by WHO (World Health Organization).

This same research, arroja otro dato más que importante; Because our food desacomodos, in the country 30% kids are overweight and 54 % adults also suffer, mientras que en latino América hay un 52 % of people who are malnourished , that does not mean they are malnourished ,but that their quality is not adequate alimentary .

Conclusion, it was noted that the major challenge for the 2020, es trabajar para conseguir una seguridad alimentaría saludable, to incorporate essential nutrients for the proper development of a population, under the paradigm of nutritional excellence and freedom from hunger .

Lic. Sandra Villarreal (mp 1138)

Area of ​​Nutrition

La Posada del Qenti, Medical Spa & Resort

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