Saturday 14 July 2007. Diario La Nación.Según a Datamonitor report reproduced by Reuters, this processed food sector is one of the most important industries in the U.S., where the domestic market for processed and packaged foods reached $ 429.000 million (retail prices) in 2006.

Also, The report noted that work is to continue sustained growth as demand for these foods remain bullish.

In this context, market maturity encourages manufacturers to sell directly to restaurants and retail businesses.


Within the ranking of processed, the most important sector of the American food industry is the dairy, a sector that produces 22,8% earnings and represents U.S. $ 98.000 million to the local economy.

Other 12,9% is generated by bakery products and cereals and 11,5% refrigerated food comes from.

Other important sectors are meat, fish and birds as well as frozen foods and confectionery.

According to this report, wealthy consumers in cash but with limited time are the most demanding processed and prepared foods in the U.S., where much of the food expenditure is given in prepared meals outside the home.

Among the aspects that have influenced the industry consolidation of processed, include the fact that modern consumers lack the time to prepare meals that acquire as many processed; the boom of GMOs (genetically modified organisms, which the United States is the largest producer), allowing greater production at much lower prices; the trend towards healthy eating and good quality and the consolidation and concentration of large firms providing food.

The list of leading companies in this area include Unilever, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Kraft Foods, Tyson Foods y Bunge. These companies, and others in your field, have introduced healthier products in response to consumer demand and obesity problems.

Finally, groups concerned with health and these companies have formed partnerships to help children's groups in programs to improve health and nutrition, a decision that should increase public perceptions of companies.

Using transgenic

Also, progress towards a healthier diet, such as reducing the consumption of trans fats (fats currently separately specified in the list of ingredients) has encouraged the use of genetically modified supplements.

GM crops also increase productivity per hectare and thus reduce the cost of the raw material for processed foods, with what are becoming more widespread.

Translation by Maria Elena Rey

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